Woman Adopts A 21-Year-Old Cat That Was Abandoned By His Owner And Gives Him Care For The Rest Of His Days

Tigger, a 21-year-old cat, was abandoned by his owner at a local veterinarian practice at the end of his life. He was sad and perplexed, and he couldn’t figure out why. But then there was Adriene Nicole. Nicole came across his story on the Canton Neighbors Facebook group and chose to adopt him. She wished to provide him with the affection he required.

Nicole was soon informed that Tigger was suffering from renal failure and a golf ball-sized tumor. Nicole, on the other hand, seemed unfazed: “Though he has renal failure and we discovered a tumor, he kicks it like a 12-year-old.” “We decided to make a bucket list for Tigger filled with strange activities,” she said on Facebook.

“Though it may not seem like much to others,” she noted, “even the little outings outside are a blast for him since he loves to be outdoors…the beach being his favorite so far.”

“The most important element is that Tigger’s tale exemplifies how wonderful it is to adopt a senior pet and provide them the finest possible care for their last days!” He has permanently touched our hearts, and we hope that he will change the hearts of others who are considering adopting older animals!”

At the sunset of his life, 21-year-old cat Tigger was abandoned by his human

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