Stray Cat Begs To Be Allowed Inside So She May Give Birth

Salami, a stray cat, decided to give birth there since it was the only place she thought she would be safe.

Early in the fall of last year, Salami began visiting Ida Floreak’s home after observing Floreak’s cat relaxing on the back porch.

The Dodo was informed by Floreak, a painter who resides in New Orleans, that “she came by and she really loved him.” She was more interested in him than he was in her, and they would occasionally sniff around each other. It was nice to see that it was obvious she had come to visit him.

Floreak started leaving food out for Salami, and before long, the small black cat showed up at her house every morning, meowing at the door. Though Salami was eager for the free meal, she was skittish around Floreak.

Then, the little black cat started to get a bit of a belly. “My goal was to be able to take her in to be fixed and vaccinated,” Floreak said. “But before she was comfortable enough for that, she was visibly pregnant.”

Salami began to spend more time with Floreak when she was pregnant, letting herself to be petted and groomed. Salami then arrived earlier than usual one morning in early April.

According to Floreak, “She came by about five and was squeaking quite insistently in a way that looked out of character.” So I opened the door for her, and she began giving birth about 8 or 9 in the morning.

I expected to not see her for a few weeks after she had kids, so I was startled, she said.

Floreak had just enough time to put out blankets and make her bedroom quiet when Salami suddenly gave birth to two kittens. Salami seemed content, and Floreak assumed that she had finished delivering her babies.

Later that night, Floreak was on a Zoom call with friends when Salami produced two more tiny kittens. “I was super nervous never having seen or done anything like this before,” Floreak said. “But to watch her, it was clear she just knew exactly what to do. It was a really intense experience.”

With New Orleans under quarantine, Salami and her kittens received Floreak’s undivided attention for two months — and the little family is thriving.

“She’s an amazing mom,” Floreak said. “She’s super attentive and sweet.”


Floreak has found forever homes for all four kittens, but Salami is staying with her. After everything they’ve been through together, there was no other choice.

Floreak’s other cat seems to have gotten used to the new normal — though he can’t wait for the kittens to go to their new homes. “He kind of misses having the run of the house, and isn’t really used to the kittens,” Floreak said. “But he and Salami are still getting on.”


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