Random Cat Enters Family’s Heart in the Most Dramatic Way.

Adopting a pet into one’s heart and home is a loving deed that frequently requires serious contemplation and well-thought-out preparation. However, Tass Camargo, a new cat parent, needed neither.

Actually, she didn’t have much of a say in the situation.

Last week, Camargo and her husband arrived home to find that their empty house wasn’t as empty as they’d thought. Opening up the front door, they noticed a random cat lounging on their couch.

“We had never seen the cat before,” Camargo told. “When we saw her, she got scared and ran out. We wondered who this cat is and how she got into the house.”

Then Camargo noticed a hole in the kitchen ceiling.

It appears that the cat clawed her way through the ceiling to enter. She didn’t intend to remain gone for very long, despite being terrified away the first time.

A weird sound came from the kitchen a few hours later, Camargo noticed. It originated from the hole.

Camargo stated, “I only saw a paw hanging out. Then a face appeared.

This was the moment the cat decided she was now their pet.

The random cat jumped through the hole and into the kitchen, this time demanding to be rubbed. Camargo couldn’t help but oblige her.

“She is very cute and loving,” Camargo said. “We couldn’t kick her out because we believe she chose us.”

Camargo named her Qiyana.

Qiyana has stayed put ever since. She had sneaked into Camargo’s house and then into her heart. With the property destruction, was it a little too dramatic? It was, indeed.

But it did.

She simply won’t leave the house and prefers to remain close to us, according to Camargo. “We considered it to be a forced adoption. So we take her in.”

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