Meet The Furry Shopkeeper With 10 Years Of Experience

Introducing Bobo, the shop owner. He has been a worker at a business in New York’s Chinatown. Bobo receives a place to stay as compensation for his efforts at work. The ginger cat works really hard since during his 10 years of employment, he has never taken a day off.

Bobo adores both his customers and his profession. To welcome clients, he like to sit close to the door. Additionally, he has a scratcher lounge where he may relax while perusing the shop. One thing he enjoys doing is gazing out the windows.

Bobo is taken care of by Liao, who started working back in 2014. Liao says the cat is her big rival at work. Apparently, having a cat shopkeeper is more attractive than human ones. But we’re not denying Bobo’s effort here. He does his job flawlessly, and his calm and friendly nature is the real charmer. No wonder why customers love him so much!

Scroll down for pictures of Bobo on duty.

In return to his effort at work, Bobo gets a place to stay.

Bobo the cat has spent 10 years working at a store.

“At the store, he likes to sit near the entrance and greet customers.”

He likes to take his job seriously.

Other employees consider him a great rival.

He meows and shows people around.

Hi is soo sweet

Find out what he’s up to by following his Instagram.


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