MEET “Marlin” The Cat Speaks Meow & Loves To Fish, But Still Thinks He’s A Dog (Video Inside)

Marlin is gorgeous & you will share such special memories. In 2006 I was on a motorcycle trip from L.A to Argentina. 1 month into the trip whilst in Mexico I came across a kitten exactly like Marlin. Given he was Mexican I called him Amigo & we travelled on the motorcycle for nearly 2 years sharing an incredible journey. I then brought him back with me to Australia. He passed away in 2019 & I was devastated but he was truly my best Amigo.

This is absolutely adorable!! Then there’s my lab who’s been raised with cats, thinks she’s a cat. She jumps up on the counter and eats the cat food, just like they do. You have very good sweet natured, gentle dogs too, look how gentle the dog is with Marlin… he deliberately notices him and avoids standing on him. This is adorable. We can learn so much from animals. What a beautiful life they all have with you.

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