Kitten Wins Everyone Over With His Beautiful Heart And Perfectly Imperfect Face

Pinocchio is a cute kitten who is capturing everyone’s hearts thanks to his imperfect face. Despite his disabled face, he never lets it stop him from living happily. The imperfection even makes him even more special.

Jacqueline from Friends for Life Rescue Network said that the kitten was a special-needs cat with a number of congenital problems that was obtained from an elderly woman.When he came, he was very malnourished, and he was lethargic, so the staff tried to treat him. After that, Jackie, who runs the rescue, reached out Melissa, an animal foster and asked her to foster the kitten. And of course, Melissa agreed to take Pinocchio in.

He was a kitten with a lot of energy. He exudes great joy and self-assurance. Compared to my previous special needs animals, it is really different. Although they are all amazing, none of them exudes Pinocchio’s self-assurance, Melissa said.

Look at the video below to see the full story:

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