Kamchatka Bears

I am a big lover of nature documentry. From the first second I’ve felt so calmed and relaxed. This is the ART! Wonderful and inspring. Well done the CREATORS! 👏🏽
What an amazing video this is! I was mesmerized seeing the way these bears live and instinctively know when to go hibernate. Beautifully done! Thank you so much for showing this to the world.
The most beautiful, serene taken, impressive nature documentary, I have ever seen!! And, I have seen many. And, I am nearly sixty. It makes me silent…………………
Whet a beautiful and green land with a different animals and too much fish , all the time I was afraid the cubs be killed by the male bear’s , the cubs seems to be hungry all the time ..mother bear is powerful and courage to protect the cubs …. .

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