In The McDonald’s Parking Lot An Abandoned Cat Jumps Into The Exact Right Vehicle

With her son in the car, Alex da Ponte had just entered the McDonald’s drive-through when she saw a little orange cat attempting to enter vehicles. She looked at the cat for a while to check if perhaps she belonged to someone close after noticing that it was wearing a collar, but she soon realized the cat was by herself.

The Dodo quoted da Ponte as saying, “I pulled out of the drive-through queue and into a parking slot.” “As they returned to their automobiles from the parking space, I observed two other families attempting to avoid the cat. At that point, I resolved to get her. She was in need of assistance but no one else was providing it. She was anxious to get in a car.

The cat responded to Da Ponte’s call by running over without pausing. This was the family she had been seeking for, she could tell.

She was ready to leave that parking lot, according to da Ponte.

Once they were all safely in the car, da Ponte’s son decided to name the cat Seats. The little cat wasn’t nervous at all and quickly made herself at home in the car, cuddling with da Ponte’s son, looking out the window and exploring her new surroundings.

“She was completely at ease in the car,” da Ponte said.

She even snatched a french fry when the dinner came since she was feeling so cozy. Seats the McDonald’s cat had da Ponte and her kid utterly smitten in a matter of minutes.

When they arrived back at their house, da Ponte helped Seats settle in and immediately started looking for a foster home for her. When their neighbors offered to take her, they quickly discovered that they shared their neighbors’ attraction to her.

Da Ponte stated, “They foster failed miserably and have adopted her. “So Seats is now next next to us!”

Da Ponte stopped to welcome Seats into the car because she realized she needed assistance the instant she saw her. Looking back, she is so happy that she did.


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