Guy finds a dying kitten with only one eye in the streets, does everything he can to save her life

Today we’d like to give you some happy and hopeful news. We will introduce our hero named Mr. Avahit and the kitten Godot that he saved.

The story started on Friday, December 15th, when Mr. Avahit found a dying kitten on his way. At the moment he was found, the cat had only one eye. In response to this situation, Avahit immediately went to a veterinarian. He decided to have the necessary treatment for the recovery of the kitten. This was the moment when the fate of the kitten changed and Godot was saved.

This was the first picture of Godot. All the necessary examinations showed that this kitten was completely blind

It was said that the outgoing eye should fall over time or be removed surgically. After she received some drops, the kitten was sent to her new home.

Mr. Avahit, the guy who found her, contacted us saying that he wanted help with the care of this cat. We began to follow the situation


As the days passed, the medicine that was applied to heal the inflammation in Godot’s eye showed almost no effect


Over the next few days, Godot’s eyes began to deteriorate and it required immediate action

The veterinarian said that her eye almost swung up to a ping-pong ball and would affect her brain if not intervened, and she might die suddenly. Godot was in an urgent need of a special care. Both the owner and we were waiting for the results of cat’s surgery.

We were more than happy to prepare the gifts we shipped to Mr. Avahit. When he got the cargo, he shared his feelings with us: “It is really nice to know you’re thinking about us. I am very happy right now… “

The surgery, which was a must, went well and we were really relieved that Godot is going to be better now

We all had a great joy, especially Avahit Bey, who saved the life of an animal. Because Godot managed to survive the surgery successfully and managed to stay alive.

Godot, now a healthy and happy cat, is becoming more and more playful every day

In addition, Godot is very happy in his new nest and has recovered to her former health.

At the moment she weights 3.5 pounds and she couldn’t be happier!


Let’s hope all things that tortured her are now in the past


Godot and her hero Mr. Avahit


True love!

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