Feral Cat Finally Holds His Foster Mom’s Hand

An elderly lady had thirteen cats that were living underneath her trailer when it was time for her to go and live in a care home.

Sadly, nobody took over feeding them and the weather was -40 degrees. Somebody needed to help these poor kitties that were now living in freezing conditions.

Fortunately a local person got in touch with SOS Prairie Rescue and they managed to rescue all of the cats including a big ginger kitty named Eeyore. Marcia, one of the rescuers, decided that Eeyore wasn’t going to re-homed on the farm with the other cats just yet and took him on as a foster.

She set up a large kennel for him in her heated garage and he had everything he needed, but every time she went into the garage to check on him or to feed him he would be hiding in his little hut.

So she set up her phone, left it on record, and discovered that he would only ever come out of his little hut when there was nobody there.

Every time she tried to get near to Eeyore he would hiss and swat at her with his claws. But Marcia was not going to give up on him. She spent time just hanging out in the garage so that he would get used to her scent and feel more comfortable with her presence.

Wearing a pair or two of thick gloves she would just leave her hand close to him, she was showing him that she was going nowhere and that her hand was not going to hurt him.

Then one day when she was watching one of the videos she had taken on her phone, she spotted that his teeth were in an awful way, they were completely rotted.

That’s when Marcia realised how much pain poor Eeyore was in. She managed to raise some money to get that all important dental work done and when he came back from his surgery he already appeared more calm.

He looked at Marcia as if to say “I am finally okay.” And then something incredible happened – Eeyore started to reach out his paw and he put it on Marcia’s arm as if he was holding he hand, it was an amazing moment.

As much as Marcia loved Eeyore, she wasn’t in a position to adopt him. She was very worried about finding a suitable forever home where he could live freely.

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