A handsome Suit of Royal Blue is Accentuated With a Perfecrly Placed White Cap, and a rather jaunty Fiery Red Crest – Meet THe Diademed Tanager!

Unmistakeable in his handsome suit of royal blue, he finishes his stunning look off with a cap of pure white and a fiery red crest!



The diademed tanager (Stephanophorus diadematus), is a species of Neotropical bird in the tanager Thraupidae family. Measuring about 7 inches in length, the male of this species is distinguished by deep blue plumage, darker at the wings and tail, with a lighter blue shoulder patch.

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His black-fronted head is capped off with ha white crown (diadem), on top of which is a small red tuft.

The female is duller when compared to the male, and her crown is more grayish.

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These birds are endemic to and found mostly in open areas in southern Brazil, northeast Argentina, and Uruguay.

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In Uruguay, these birds like to inhabit dense thickets where they perched often on the tops of trees and bushes at the edge of montane forests including Araucaria forests, woodlands, parks, and gardens.

Diademed Tanager - eBird

Having a beak designed for cutting and crushing, this species likes to eat buds and leaves, especially those of the banana and strelitzia plants. It is thought they might also eat insects if given the opportunity.

diademed tanager (Thraupidae: Stephanophorus diadematus) | World birds,  Bird photo, Birds

The breeding season commences depending on this species location when a cup-shaped nest is built into which two eggs are laid and incubated by the female. After the eggs have hatched both parents feed the young a diet that consists of worms, grubs, and fruit. Beyond this, there is little information on the breeding process for this species.’

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This species does not approach the thresholds for Vulnerable under the range set out by the IUCN.;

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